About Minimal Visual

Collection of Minimal Poster Arts created by Kishan Harchandani. These posters based upon Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Games, TV, Media and Various.

Few Words About Creator

The Creator - Kishan Harchandani is a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Visualizer living in Pinkcity, Jaipur & have been doing graphic design professionally from a decade. He believe making pretty things is a philosophy that you can apply to all the fields in your life. He is a self taught designer and have learned a lot along the way....some of it the hard way.....mostly the right way.

He designed Minimal Poster whenever got some time from his busy schedule, In the process of poster design, he keep in mind one basic and important element that is from the movie and represent the movie theme. He shows his greatest love about creativity by this way.

Let the Show Begins